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Diagnostics & Treatment

Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center is proud to serve its sick and injured exotic patients by delivering the highest quality veterinary care available. To ensure this, we have invested in state-of-the-art medical facilities that allow us to run in-hospital tests, x-rays, and ultrasound imaging so that we can assess your pet’s health in the best way possible. We see numerous exotic pets who aren’t feeling quite right and prescribe treatments aimed to get them back to feeling their best in no time.

Diagnostics & Treatment For Exotic Pets

Unfortunately, exotic pets hide their signs extremely well, often until they are sick. They lack the ability to communicate with us clearly which makes diagnosing injuries and illnesses a challenging endeavor. In the event that something about your pet’s condition just doesn’t seem right, it is usually best to bring them in for a visit with our experienced doctors and staff. Our medical team is trained to quickly and accurately diagnose a wide variety of issues that your pet may be suffering from so that they can be treated safely and effectively before a little problem becomes a big one.

If your exotic pet is acting sick or injured, please call our offices to schedule an appointment. Even if you only suspect injury or illness, it’s important that your exotic pet is seen right away–exotics will often appear healthy until their illness is very severe! In most situations, we are able to see your pet that same day.

When should I bring my exotic pet in? 

The health of an exotic pet can deteriorate very quickly, so it’s important for us to get a handle on the situation as soon as possible. Any change in behavior can be a sign of illness or injury, and we advise you to be observant and cautious.

What constitutes an emergency for my exotic pet? 

Any change in eating or size and frequency of feces (stool production) is considered serious and can be life threatening. Other serious symptoms include lethargy or depression, difficulty breathing, vomiting, bleeding, seizure, serious trauma, unusual swelling, irregular bowel movements, vocalizing while urinating, acting erratically, has eaten/swallowed a foreign or poisonous object or substance, seems to have lost its sight, or has a swollen abdomen that appears painful when touched.

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